Contributing to Tometo

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Tometo! There is more than one way to contribute to the project, and we appreciate all of them.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Tometo Discord Server. As a reminder, all contributors, in whichever way, are required to follow the Code of Conduct.

Feature Requests

If you have ideas or even concrete suggestions for a feature or an enhancement, it’s best to discuss it first on Discord before diving into the specifics. If you feel up to implement it, first create a task for it and then make a contribution!

Bug Reports

While we wish everything worked perfectly, bugs are natural to occur. This is why we recommend that, even when you’re not sure it’s a bug, to report it anyways.

Please see How to report a bug for more info about bug reports.

Code contributions

We would welcome your contribution! If you’re interested, please first find something to work on, and read the following documents:

Feel free to ask in the #development channel on Discord if anything is unclear.